Elle Latham's Website

Elle's awesome page

This is Elle's website. She is a reasonably funny comic and actress. She also sings to herself on occasion and writes at least every 2 years. Enjoy her second attempt at self-promotion. She also likes to refer to herself in the third person. She also is a noted Photographer/Producer/Writer/Director/Editor who is working on a lot of projects at the moment.

elle is available for work and not desperate at all

Elle graduated from iO West and is looking for a Commercial/Theatrical Agent.


You can listen to the latest episodes of her podcast "Super Awkward Funcast" on the Super Awkward Funcast page. How convenient.


She also is currently attending Los Angeles City College in pursuit of an AA Degree in Cinema Production. She has completed 3 films and a parody music video there, the first being "Waves of Joy",, the second, "Addled", the third being "Dotted Line" and "Careless Eater" a parody video.


She is currently working on writing her first feature screenplay for a film called "Home Wreckoning", a satirical comedy that tackles sex, love, family, and the lies we tell to keep it all together. After that is a porn mockumentary in the same vein as "Boogie Nights" titled "Buck Naked: International Adult Film Star", also a feature.