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School+Me=No Thanks

Posted by Elle Latham on April 11, 2013 at 8:05 PM

In Michael Moore's Idiot Nation, Moore points out how idiotic we are as a nation and how stupid the media themselves are. He states that if the news anchors on Fox News were asked to complete a questionnaire to test their knowledge, they would fail. He called Fred Barnes, cohost of The Beltway Boys (who griped about how kids these days don't know what The Iliad and The Odyssey are) if he knew what the Iliad and the Odyssey were. Of course he didn't. Full disclosure: I don’t either.

I agree with Michael Moore and his opinion of school in our nation and how it is dumbing everyone down and alienating the students who see things differently from the way they're supposed to see them. He didn't see the point of singing a song about the alphabet in first grade. He almost got the chance to skip to second grade but his mother wouldn't let him because she didn't want him to be picked on by the bigger kids throughout school. He tried to go to second grade on the first day of school but his teacher Sister John Catharine stopped him.

Throughout his schooling, Moore was dutiful and studious but he still managed to break out by writing a play in eighth grade about a rat infested town which had a political angle. Then, when he entered high school, Moore ran for School Board President and ended up being in control of the school and his principal, both of whom couldn’t stand each other.

What I leaned from Moore was that individuality is good and corporations are bad. All sorts of corporations from Campbell's Soup to Coca-Cola to General Mills to Pepsi to Dr. Pepper have promised to subsidize our schools with grants and free equipment all in exchange for consumption of their products. It's ridiculous. School should be about learning not consuming. It has also contributed to the growing bellies of our young students.

Another corporation that has taken over schools in a big way is the Channel One station that is required viewing for kids. It's another way to advertise directly to the student body. He states that there is only, “20% airtime”, given to actual current events topics and news while “80% is for advertising, sports, weather, and Channel One promotions”.

Michael Moore is concerned with the way students who speak out against authority and break away from the status quo are being punished and profiled as possible school shooters. He thinks that is wrong and so do I. He lists ways to peacefully fight back. He says to run for office and make fun of it, start a club, start to write for the school newspaper or blog, and stay active in your school in order to affect change. I agree with Moore that people should rise up and take their power back and, “start a ruckus”, as he says. That's the only way to get through to the system by taking it down from the inside.


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